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Parnell March

Years Active 2014 - Present

Genre Electronic, Indie, Dance

Members Dylan Galloghly

Describe Your Sound

Parnell March is an independert electronic music project created by Perth-based (Western Australia) producer Dylan Galloghly. His music spans a continuum of ambient/down-tempo electronica, indie-electronic crossovers, and house music.



Uncle Herb Recordings


Following a number of years of dabbling in DJing in Northern Ireland and Melbourne, Dylan began experimenting with music production and collaborations in 2012 after having moved to Perth, Western Australia.


Apparat The Stone Roses Jon Hopkins Pink Floyd LCD Soundsystem

Career Highlights

Release of debut EP in 2014.

Current Activity

Currently working towards release of debut album in early to mid 2015.

Releases by Parnell March

The Escape Sampler EP

Uncle Herb Recordings