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Patient Little Sister

Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Folk, Country, Indie

Members James Rogers: Guitar and Vocals Eliza Rogers: Violin and Vocals Alex Megaw: Drums Jason Bale: Bass (2013 - ) Matt Mullin: Bass (2012 - 2013)

Describe Your Sound

Country, Folk, Pop. Two siblings strumming guitars, plucking violins and singing in genetic harmony served on a smooth flowing rhythm section.



James Rogers


Eliza and I (James) were brought up around music thanks to our father. Lots of family jams, busking at Hillarys Boat Harber and playing in bands separately kind of lead to the two of us jamming a few songs out which led to a few open mic night shows which then lead playing with rhythm section which then lead to an EP.


New Rules for Boats, Jeff Strong, Justin Walshe, Abbey May, Mile End, Timothy Nelson.

Shared Bills With

They Might Be Giants, Old Man River, Simone and Girlfunkle, Timothy Nelson, Ruby Boots, Whistling Dogs, Eduardo Cossio.

Career Highlights

Releasing our EP in 2013, Playing to a packed out and dancing Clancy's
Fish Pub in 2012 and racing down a dark desert highway to find the
Bootenal tavern in 2012, awesome place!

Current Activity

Putting the finishing touches to our next EP due out early 2014.

Shared Members With

Eliza was is Ruby Boots and The Morning Night. Alex is currently in the Volcanics and Wormhole. Jason is in Huge Magnet and Sneaky Weasel Gang I (James) was in the Fault, Jeff Strong band and Old Croak. I'm still playing in Harlequin League, The Shallows, Husband and with Natasha Shanks

Releases by Patient Little Sister

'Patient Little Sister'

released in September 2013


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