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Phoenix King

Years Active 2015- current

Genre Reggae, Pop, Rap

Members Jacob De Gaye

Describe Your Sound

Catchy tunes, meaningful lyrics and elements of rap which
displays undertones of Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Prince and Bob Marley. The singer, songwriter and magnetic front man takes a pragmatic approach to producing great music and awe inspiring performances reminiscent of James Brown.



Ashleigh Fletcher


Previously was in a band called 'Jacob and The Rudeboys' and decided to go out on my own and write and produce my own music.


Justin TImberlake, Bruno Mars, Prince, Bob Marley

Shared Bills With

Dan Sultan Kim Churchhill Jurassic 5 Jakubi

Career Highlights

Main Act for Foxtel Lap Tour
Performing at Global Beats and Eats Festival
National Tour to promote my EP
Being apart of a Worlds Greatest Shave Fundraiser which raised over 100k

Current Activity

Currently on tour and in Perth to do a large EP Launch

Shared Members With

Jacob & The Rude Boys

Releases by Phoenix King

Hurt Me So Bad



God Man, Bad Bones