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Years Active 2015-2019

Genre Hip Hop, Electronic

Members Phries

Describe Your Sound

I’m a  beat maker from Perth, WA and I’ve been making beats for a little while now and have just started to release my instrumental tracks I have 3 singles coming out then a 15 track album “More Salt Pls.”. My sound is vinyl sampled beats there is nothing quite like a tight sample and hip hop drums I hope you enjoy my first single Salty Fingers, I also made the beats for Mellodians recent album HeavyWeightED!



I started making beats after studying at SAE, I've always had a passion for Hip Hop and music.


My main influences are J Dilla, Madlib, Premier, Showbiz and so many more, Ta-ku was also a massive influence listening to his beats and seeing him blow up is what made me go to SAE.

Shared Bills With

Mellodian We worked together on his HeavyWeightED EP

Career Highlights

Back in the day I used to play a lot of small shows like Beat Lounge and The Odd Couple which were awesome to be a part of my upcoming album is a huge highlight I have been working on this album for about 4 years and its finally ready and already have plans for the next.

Current Activity

I'm just working on fine tuning the album and me and Mellodian are working on another album I'm also working in freelance AV which keeps me pretty busy

Shared Members With

HeavyWeightED with Mellodian

Releases by Phries


Salty Fingers/Self Release

HiQ Recordings