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Pompeii Gift Shop

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Indie, Funk, Dance

Members Connor Reever- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Rory Michelen- Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals Ryan McCarthy- Drums Nikhill Johns- Keyboard, Backup Vocals Andrew Bain- Bass

Describe Your Sound

“Funk Sex Jazz Rainbow” is our go-to.

But more seriously its a mix of toe-tapping funk songs with elements of folk, rock, disco, and pop.



Rory Michelen


As random roommates at the University of Florida, Connor Reever and Rory Michelen found themselves with a shared love for Beat-boxing, freestyling, and guitar. They soon started a guitar/ukulele duo: The Uke-Crew. But as their songwriting skills grew, they realized they needed a full band to fully express their musical ideas. At that point they recruited their friends Ryan, Andrew, and Nikhill who all brought their own ideas, influences and creativity the group. They decided to call themselves "Pompeii Gift Shop" until they thought of a better, more meaningful name. But, three years later, that day still has not come.


The Revivalists Galactic Sublime Red Hot Chilli Peppers Cold War Kids Twenty One Pilots Santana Cake Weezer Muse Death Cab for Cutie The Fratellis Dave Matthews The BeeGee's And many more

Career Highlights

Definitely the release of our EP. Everything was recorded in our homes and logistics was a nightmare. With a strict attention to detail and help from our sound engineer, we can finally give our listeners some recordings that we're truly proud of.

Current Activity

We're taking a bit of a break to all focus on our individual instruments. Having played so many shows recently left all of us plateauing as musicians. We want to continue to write unique, diverse music and thus have decided to invest in ourselves for a few months.

Releases by Pompeii Gift Shop

Cadillac Mountain