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Post Depression Makeout Session

Years Active 2016-Present

Genre indie, rock, pop

Members Jesse Altham, Shaquille Blackley, Brady Nolan, Polly-Pearl Green and Naomi Robinson. Past: Curt Everett

Describe Your Sound

We put ourselves under the broad umbrella of ‘psych-rock’ but we don’t really align ourselves with any genre in particular. Our sound is very inspired by what we’re listening to in the moment, and we let our songs come out however they want to, without the limitation of a genre in mind. We combine elements of pop, RnB and jazz to diversify the overall ‘psych-rock’ sound that’s coming out of us at the moment.



Jesse Altham


We all met as sound engineering students at SAE in Perth. Jesse, Brady and Shaquille became best friends instantly and house mates soon after. Before our first gig on Boxing Day 2016, we had one week to find a bassist to complete the band. Curt got in touch with us and volunteered to play for one gig and he's never left the band, or our hearts, since. We also got matching band tattoos a few hours after that gig.


We all have very different musical backgrounds and influences. Jesse is a jazz trained drummer, Shaquille used to produce French House, Curt used to play Metal and Brady once played acoustic guitar to practicing yogi's. But as a band, we've been listening to a lot of Hiatus Kaiyote, Jaala, Melody's Echo Chamber, Pond, Broadcast. Demon Days and POW! Negro are awesome local influences for us too!

Career Highlights

Playing gigs with any of the above local artists is a constant band highlight. We can't believe we get to play with some of these incredible acts! Demon Days is a band we've loved since before we even knew each other so it was incredible playing with them for the first time and we absolutely adore those homies. Getting stick n poke band tattoos after our first gig is probably a highlight too haha.

Current Activity

We're just playing a bunch of shows right now and looking to get the next one or two singles out over the next few months. We've got our debut album basically written and ready to start work on, but we're all still studying and trying to balance that alongside all this fun music stuff!

Shared Members With

Keeley Connolly, Special Feelings, Mosquito Coast.

Releases by Post Depression Makeout Session

My Daughter The Water