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Purley Oaks

Years Active 2016-

Genre Indie, Rock, Pop

Members Simon Bazeley

Describe Your Sound

Jangly guitars, mischievous melodies, dazed visions and sunshine grooves melt together to tell tales of comfort and confusion, desire and doubt, adoration and anxiety, daydream and disaster; All in his head.



I was writing and recording under the name Petrichoral for a few years. After a little break and spending a long time working on new songs I felt it was time for a new name to suit a new sound.


The Spunloves, Gunns, Allah-las, The Murlocs, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Jim Mitchells, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses

Career Highlights

Still early in my career but managing to record an album by myself was a highlight

Current Activity

Just about to release the debut album - Purley Oaks 'In His Head' ! Then looking to get a live band finally happening