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Pursuit of Alchemy

Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Michael Ellery, Nathan Gerhardie, Robert Leake, Jered Masters

Describe Your Sound

Alternative Rock, with influences from Muse, Birds of tokyo and 30 Seconds to Mars.



Michael Ellery


Started out as something for a college project, And we are wanting to continue. The EP is an assignment for College, Michael Ellery is doing a Cert IV in Music at Mount Pleasant Community College.


Birds of Tokyo

Career Highlights

None as of yet as we are a fairly new band.

Current Activity

We've just finished recording our EP and we are practicing and getting ready for the launch. Once that's done, we are going to look at writing some more music come next year!

Releases by Pursuit of Alchemy

Pursuit of Alchemy (Self titled EP)