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Queens Boulevarde

Years Active 2012 to present

Genre Pop, Rock, Country

Members Tim Milroy, Taylor Cutts, Arunchala, Rory Danker, Kim Berry (past), John Cox (past)

Describe Your Sound

Pop-Rock with catchy hooks and a country twist influenced by Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Neil Young.



Tim Milroy


Tim and Taylor met at work and starting jamming in the shop at close. Tim had a bunch of songs waiting for someone to sing on and Taylor was perfect. Recorded our first track Runaway with Arunchala and managed to convince him to play drums.


Shared Bills With

Blue Shady, Tourist, Hyte, Andrew Ellis, The Itch, The Mighty Pirate

Career Highlights

International air play in Latvia. Added to OpenFM top 20 finds of summer 2012 compilation.

Current Activity

Heading into the studio in July to begin recording our debut album.

Shared Members With

Kim Berry - Grand Central, Rory Danker - An Evening at Elmwood, Arunchala - Blue Shady, LLoyd Spiegel, Tim Milroy - Courtney Murphy, The Mighty Pirate

Releases by Queens Boulevarde

I Wanna Go There