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Rabbit Island

Years Active 2007-2013

Genre Pop, Experimental, Indie

Members Amber Fresh, Ben Witt, Matt Maguire, Jake Webb, Sam Maher, Brad Prestipino, Tristen Parr, Laura Lowther, Nick Allbrook, Dom Simper, Chris Cobilis, Matt Aitken, Cam Avery, Leonie Brialey, Sheryn Binks, Todd Pickett, Joe Mckee, Will Stoker, Clint Oliver, Phil Stroud, Matt Cunningham, David Craft, Andrew Clark, Sam Kuzich, Matthew Hatch, Emlyn Johnson, Stephen Bellair, David Egan and some once off collaborators

Describe Your Sound

Dreamy bedroom slow-fi pop





One time I bought a laptop and started recording some songs when no-one was around. I put them on the internet and Batrider asked me to play support for them when they came over from New Zealand. Matt Maguire listened to my songs on the net too and said he'd drum for me. Then other people asked me to play for them, or if we could play together, or I asked if they wanted to play together and everyone said "yes".


People who play with me telling me what to do, and then saying "but you should just do whatever you want".

Career Highlights

2011 Top 10 albums for 'O God, Come Quick' from RTR presenters.
Human Xerox album 'My Own Private' with 26 local, interstate and international covers of the song "My Own Private".
Playing sick shows with friends.

Current Activity

Making songs for a new album. Being kind and eating good sandwiches.

Shared Members With

Carbuncle, Adam Said Galore, The Tigers, The Chemist, The Growl, Tame Impala, Allbrook Avery, Lil Leonie Lionheart, Gilbert Fawn, Sugarpuss, Kill Devil Hills, Snowman, Fall Electric, Cosmo Gets, Kucka, Doctopus

Releases by Rabbit Island

O God, Come Quick

Badminton Bandit



Sixteen of Us/Desert Bike (Rabbit Island/Gilbert Fawn split 7")

Badminton Bandit



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