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Years Active 2000-2009

Genre Indie, Experimental

Members Warwick Hall Wendi Graham Noah Norton Adam Trainer

Describe Your Sound

Screwdriver drones, odd rhythms and pretty melodies



Adam Trainer


Adam and Wendi had been jamming together for years, playing covers in their bedrooms. When Wendi met and jammed with Warwick it was only a matter of time before the three would come together. They did so in 2000 and kicked around the local scene for a few years making plaintive indie-pop as a three piece. During a residency at FUEL Bar (now PICA Bar) they became familiar with the musical dexterity of one Noah Norton, and when his band Quasiplex folded Radarmaker took the opportunity to snaffle his instrumental prowess for themselves. As a four-piece Radarmaker played hundreds of gigs from 2003-2009.


Adam Said Galore, Tucker Bs, The Tigers, Thermos Cardy, Sodastream, Cypher, Gata Negra, Bluetile Lounge, Wooden Fische, Schvendes

Shared Bills With

Quasiplex, Snowman, The Tigers, Hooper's Store, Adam Said Galore, Tucker Bs, Stickfigures, Found: Quantity of Sheep, Schvendes, Gata Negra, Melange, Trash Band 1987, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Injured Ninja, Jasmine Loop Control, B-Movie Heroes, Sexy Band, Harry Smith, Polaroid Ghost, Heathcliffe, Faith In Plastics, Petanque

Career Highlights

Although Radarmaker never managed to tour, they did score some high profile support slots in their time, namely for Icelandic experimental pop outfit múm at the Rosemount and Texan post-rock band Explosions In the Sky at the Becks Music Box for the Perth International Arts Festival. They also played three incarnations of the infamous Road Trip series, where local bands were invited to score their favourite films. Radarmaker played in 2005 at the Midland Railway workshops performing a score for The City of Lost Children, in Russell Square in 2006 performing a score for Spirited Away, and in 2007 at what is now the Northbridge Piazza performing a score for Blade Runner. In 2006 their music video for 'Arm vs. Fiery Antenna was nominated for the WAMI award for best music video. Yet another career highlight was the band's 2006 appearance at In the Pines, where they were joined on stage by Anton McKay from Petanque on Tuvan throat singing and KJ from Tengo Fuego as "vibes guy". They launched their debut EP 'Aristocracy and the Horse' at the Rosemount in 2005, and their debut album 'Drawn Like Spires' at the Bakery in 2006. Both releases were feature albums on RTRFM ,as well as receiving solid airplay in Spain. Shortly thereafter Adam spent a year overseas, working in Malaysia and traveling the globe. The band continued as a three-piece in his absence, and reformed upon his return, playing occasionally until they disbanded in 2009.

Current Activity

After Radarmaker disbanded in 2009 all four continued making music in different incarnations. Wendi and Noah continued writing and playing music together, recording with longtime band collaborator and engineer Trevor Cotton, as well as contributing to his FroHawk project. Adam performed in solo experimental guise, releasing several works from 2007 onwards. In 2012 he and Warwick began playing with drummer Michael Carrati in Original Past Life. Adam also formed Gilded with Matt Rösner, and Warwick enlisted the help of Carrati, Starcleaner bassist Jade Nobbs, and Trainer on the recording of his Horsemenus album.

Shared Members With

Gilded, Original Past Life, Horsemenus, Polaroid Ghost, Ghost of 29 Megacycles, Trash Band 1987

Releases by Radarmaker

Aristocracy and the Horse



Drawn Like Spires