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Rag N’ Bone

Years Active 2012-present

Genre Rock, Indie, Pop

Members Kiera Owen, Axel Carrington, Sara McPherson, Jamie Gallacher

Describe Your Sound

Dirty sexy silky dark country indie rock.

Rag n’ Bone craft there songs by burying beautiful soaring melodies under a deluge of stabbed staccato single coil strikes

Words on their single: Crossing – “a sultry track with gleaming guitar riffs, dirty bass lines, and one of the most tantalizing voices in the scene”



Kiera Owen


Over several years of drunken yelled promises, missed opportunities, false starts and a mutual appreciation for reverbed guitar sounds.


We are mostly inspired by local bands and influenced by dead ones.

Shared Bills With

Apache, Mt. Mountain, Tired Lion, Pat Chow, Cal Peck and The Tramps, Vida Cain, Like Junk, Seams, Harlequin League, Shouting At Camels, Codie Sundstrom, The Frighteners, The Shakeys, Lionizer, Wise Oaks, Villain, Stereoflower

Career Highlights

Winners of Ya Ya's Jammin Comp 2012
Launching 'Crossing' at PICA bar to an insanely receptive audience.
That time Axel realised his shoes were from Rivers.

Current Activity

Preparing to explode all over 2014

Releases by Rag N’ Bone





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