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Years Active 2011-2018

Genre Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic

Members Reece Philpott

Describe Your Sound

From the northern suburbs of Perth, WA carrying a catalogue of unique, heavy hitting and gritty raps about drug abuse, young lives and personal struggles. Reams has stepped up to the stumps knocking local MC’s out of the nets with his versatile vocals and intrusive lyrics.





After five years of residing on the West Coast - at 15 years old Reams found his love for Australian MC’s along with the culture. Reams began writing rhymes to pass the bad days, slowly developing a knack for writing conjoined lyrics with melody and subtle digs at the pretend rappers of the day.


My songs are written mostly from life experiences and the many mistakes and choices that I make along the way. I want to start making more tracks about the positive parts of life, but I’ve got a lot I’m still dealing with, and it’s just what comes out when I write. I’ve felt there’s no better medication than locking yourself in a room and just smashing out a verse of shit that’s weighing on your mind, you know?"

Career Highlights

Getting management on board to help support and grow my work. They take the back end stress out of being a musician so I can fully concentrate on writing and developing my sound.

Current Activity

Pushing off the back of the November release of Snowy Roads REAMS has been busy booking shows.

Releases by REAMS

Snowy Roads



The Reams LP