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Red Engine Caves

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Rock, Blues

Members Ricky Mandozzi - Guitar/Vocals Ralf Sunbird - Bass Callum Kramer - Drums

Describe Your Sound

We learned how to play the blues, then made up our own timings to mess with people dancing and electrifying sounds created through Frankenstein amplifier and pedal setups. People have us labelled a million different things, we just reckon it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll.



Alexander Miller


Matty met a crazy German backpacker at a skatepark in Melbourne and shortly after found himself somewhere in Fremantle, flipping a coin to decide wether or not to go home. Ricky soon left bailed his job in Melbourne to join Matty in the sunny seaside of Fremantle. Cal reversed into Matty's car at the Thornlie Tavern one afternoon, they then realised they shared the same love for Lynyrd Skynyrd, exchanged numbers and that was that.


Anything rockin' from all the old delta blues through the 60's and into the 70's. Kadavar is pretty cool, and that Led Zeppelin, he's great.

Shared Bills With

Green Day, King Gizzard, The Delta Riggs to name a few.

Career Highlights

Drinking all of Green Day's rider by accident and Tony Hawk receiving a vinyl copy of our album during an interview.

Current Activity

Certain members had things to tend to but the gang is back together and have conceptualised a whole bunch of the next album. Record the album then get out on the road with it.

Shared Members With

Turns out Cal is a musical whizz and shreds on guitar too, his band is called The Southern River Band.

Releases by Red Engine Caves

Black Mary



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