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Robbie Jalapeno & The Fabulous Band of Faceless Bureaucrats

Years Active 2010 to present

Genre Rock, Folk, Blues

Members Robbie Jalapeno - vox, guitars Peter Baxendale - vox, mandolin Stuart Robertson - drums, percussion Shaun Hoffmann - drums Rachael Aquilina - violins Libby Browning - double bass Damien Snow - electric bass Rupert Guenther - violin

Describe Your Sound

Intelligent, but dirty swamp folk-rock which “draws you in with so much flavour and layering and depth that the air you breathe seems thick. Even your eyes seem tunnel-visioned” – Spaceship News



Robbie Jalapeno


The Bureaucrats are an evolving beast which exists to provide the platform for Robbie's lyrical existentialism and swamp-funk grooves. It is true that robbie grew tired of performing solo. The truth is, he was lonely musically, and he wanted to gauge the worth of his song writing in a broader musical context. So he picked up the phone and what has resulted from that initial spark owes as much to providence as good planning. A lot of ingredients have managed to meld themselves together and grow into something like an aged and fine wine rather than a band in some ways.


The Triffids, Chad's Tree, Martha's Vineyard, Errol Tout, King Pig, Traitors' Gait, The Brautigans

Shared Bills With

The Morning Night, Jill Birt & Band, Triffids & Friends, Salvage Diver, The Disappointed, Lucy Peach, Rupert Guenther Band, Those Wretched Horses, Elk Bell, Helen Shanahan, Red Delicious, The Quixotics, MicheSuite, Richard Lane, Justin Walshe Folk Machine, Selk & the Bone Singers, Gypsy Howls, Head Full of Steam, Gombo, Watch With Mother, Rhys Wood & the Self-Righteous Brothers, Mr Bodangles, Dilip 'n the Davs, Clint, Bracknell, Andrew Ewing, Ryan Webb, Karl Griffiths, Kim McDonald

Career Highlights

Every gig is a joy. But I should say the highlights were performing with the Triffids and Friends in 2010, and when we released our double AA-side with a host of talented supports. Honourable mention also for our first proper video!

Current Activity

We are recording an album 'Carmina de Nihil.' In true bureaucratic spirit, this is our second album (as a band), which we are releasing first.

Shared Members With

Remember Bannockburn, Halcyon Days, Steve Kilbey & the Hoffmenn, Wolves, WASO, Perth Symphony Orchestra, Drawings from Monday, Watch with Mother (UK), Salvage Diver, dB Threshold, No Flowers No Wedding Dress, Joe Black Trio, Rupert Guenther Band, The Empty Cup, Timothy Nelson & the Infidels

Releases by Robbie Jalapeno & The Fabulous Band of Faceless Bureaucrats

The Hotelkeeper's Friend



Far Horizons / Nosferatu



Mirror Man



Old Baxter



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