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Scott Bell

Years Active 2014

Genre Rock, Experimental, Electronic

Members Scott Bell

Describe Your Sound

“SAY GOODBYE” is an album that follows the story of a soldier that is sent to war.  The songs convey the thoughts and feelings of both the soldier and of those around him.  Each song could be imagined as if it were a letter written to or from the soldier. It is an album that is about loss and in part, how to find your way through the darkness. Through its development it has explored the genres of rock, acoustic and even electronica.  It is now a blend of all of those to create something truly unique. “SAY GOODBYE” explores many musical and emotional themes. Hopefully it will touch those who hear it.



I am a musician from Perth Western Australia Starting as a musician in year 5 of primary school, I learnt to play the saxophone at the first school band ever formed for Kiva Elementary in Arizona. It was here that I learned to read music and develop a lifelong passion for it.  A few years later my mother purchased an organ. Actually, she got it for free at a garage sale I think. This organ had a little switch that lit up a bar above the keys that displayed the corresponding note.  At that stage, I knew a 1/2 step up was sharp and down was flat, so I proceeded to teach myself how to play piano and keyboards. A couple of years after that, when guitar rock was at an absolute high, I picked up a guitar and some mates showed me a few tips.  I picked up every tab book that I could find.  I learned every song from every magazine. I discovered Steve Vai and he totally blew my mind.  Pretty much in one way or another I've been creating music ever since. That said, this album, "Say Goodbye" is my first attempt at creating something truly on my own.  It took 5 years between conception of this project, through to completion.  It started out as a rock project, but transformed into a simple acoustic only album. It even had a short experimental phase into electronica.  Now, it is a blend of all of those things.  I truly believe that it has something for just about anyone.  In some parts, it's perfect. It others, it's rough.  In one song, there will be as many as 26 different instruments playing at once. In another, just one. It is without question the absolute best that I can create at this stage of my musical career.  I honestly believe I could not have produced something better I am immensely proud of it and do hope at least my friends and family enjoy it.  A few million more people would be cool too.


Steven Wilson, Steve Vai, Satriani, Tool, Korn

Career Highlights

Runner up in Australian Songwriters Competition (Rock)

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Say Goodbye