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Years Active 2005 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Present members: Coo Bennett (aka Betty Bombshell) - lead vocals Andy Jarvis (aka Razor Jack Memphis) - guitar & vocals Tracey Devery (aka Voodoo Viv) - bass Jon May (aka Shotgun Pete) - drums Past members: Andy Riddle (aka Burnaway) - rhythm guitar (2005-2007) Trevor Bird - drums (2006-2009) Craig Weighell - drums (2006) Hugh Veldon - drums (2005) Kevin Rooney - drums (2005)

Describe Your Sound

Stompin’, hip-shakin’ voodoo to make a nun sling a guitar through a stained-glass window!  A cocktail of swamp, rockabilly and garage rock n roll.



Trickster Music


Formed in July 2005 by Andy & Coo (both ex. Sydney band TOYS WENT BERSERK - 1985-1991)


Over 8 years, there are too many to list but highlights include: From USA: Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats), Reverend Horton Heat and Buzz Campbell; from UK: Darrell Higham (Imelda May), Urban Voodoo Machine, King Salami & the Cumberland 3 and Empress of Fur; from Japan: Tokyo Cramps, Minnesota Voodoomen, Stompin' Riffraffs, Go Devils; from Germany: Mars Attacks and The Booze Bombs; from Canada Buzz Deluxe; from Australia, Clairy Brown & the Banging Rackettes, Mojo Juju, 6ft Hick, Zombie Ghost Train and many other great local, interstate and international bands.

Career Highlights

Touring in Japan and the UK. Recording with Matt Verta-Ray (Jon Spencer's Heavy Trash) in New York.

Current Activity

he band released their 4th album Do The Crawl with a national tour in (April / May 2013). Touring and recording in Japan in July 2013.

Shared Members With

Currently, Andy & Coo also play in local bands The Isolites(60s-style ska and rocksteady), Voudou Zazou (gypsy swing) and Bang Bang Betty & the H-Bombs. Their previous bands include UK outfits Feast & Houdini and Sydney band Toys Went Berserk. Coo fronted Perth band Lavender Disaster and Andy has played is several local rockabilly bands including the Salt Flat Trio. Tracey has played in the Tear Jerks (with James Baker) and Beer Sucking Freaks. Jon with Botticelli's Angel. Andy Burnaway played in the Convertibles (QLD) in the 80s and local band Downbeat The Ruler, with Trevor Bird.


Swampwater Shuffle

Trickster Music


Hip Shakin Voodoo

Raucous Records


Jungle Juice

Off The Hip Records


I'm Bad

Off The Hip Records


Do The Crawl

Off The Hip Records


Go Go

Off The Hip Records