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Rooster Police

Years Active 2008->

Genre Pop, Indie, Electronic

Members Cheeky

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From an egg


Cinema Prague,Rust,Pink Fluffy Bunnies,MC Hunter,Thou Gideon,Yummy Fur,Layla,Grace Barbé,Spank,Autopilot,Karnivool,Matty B,Diger Rockwell,Penguin Island,Funkola,The Fuzz,Abbe May,Tame Implala,Pond,Crucial Rockers,Prawns With Horns,The Weapon Is Sound,Charlie Bucket,Steve Parkin..there are so many!

Shared Bills With

Rooster Police has played with Gary Numan, Sola Rosa, 360, Six60, Yeo, Diger Rockwell, Odette Mercy, Wave Rock Weekender.

Career Highlights

Supporting Gary Numan was pretty cool. Finishing anything off is a highlight with a solo recording project thing like this.

Current Activity

I just released some new music, a track called "Fields". I also animated my first video release for it. Took me 8 months..a lot longer than writing and recording the song! I hope to do more animation and video stuff along with more new music.

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Rooster Police