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Sam Huckerby

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Indie, Rock, Electronic

Members Sam Huckerby

Describe Your Sound

Alternative. Aiming to create music that is not always defined by one specific genre.



I started with Fruity Loops as a kid then I completed a Bachelor of Sound Engineering at SAE Institute Perth that opened me up to creating music on different platforms completely by myself.


Nofx, Blink 182 (older stuff Pre Enema), Rage Against The Machine. They are my top 3. But anything that sounds a little different gets me now.

Career Highlights

Completing my Bachelors.

Current Activity

Producing music in my apartment in Freo. At present mostly covering songs for my YouTube channel.

Releases by Sam Huckerby

The Descending Observable (Anthem Pt. I) - 2012 The Worry Dolls - 2013 Catatonic - 2019 All Free