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Saramona Said

Years Active 2012-present

Genre Indie, Rock

Members William Bennett - Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals Liam Peers - Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Vocals Jareth Greatrex - Bass/Vocals Theodore Kenworthy-Groen - Drums Josh Holland (past) - Vox Ethan Hyde (past) - Bass

Describe Your Sound




Started out as 4 guys in Leeming High School Rock Band in 2012 known as Indecision, then after a few lineup changes became Saramona Said in 2015


Everything Rock

Shared Bills With

Delicious Biscuit, The Moylers, Yaqui Yeti, Crusoe, Tell the Shaman, Sunshine Punch, Laval, Iron Cypher

Career Highlights

Getting onto Uberfest at the Railway Hotel in 2015

Current Activity

Jamming, getting a few shows, and getting some momentum going while looking to record later this year.

Shared Members With

William and Liam are also members of The Moylers

Releases by Saramona Said

Nothing released yet, hoping to get a recording/ep released later in 2015