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September Sun

Years Active

Genre Rock, Indie, Pop

Members Andrew Cipriano (Bass) , Petey Helfgott (Keys,Guitar), Pete Knott (Vocals) Brett Norman (Drums), Grant Turner (Guitar)

Describe Your Sound

Earthily, raw, emotive, modern



Peter Knott


Formed in 2011 after Grant (guitarist) and his cousin Brett (Drummer) we're sick of playing in wedding bands. They got together bassist from previous band and worked instrumentally for 6 months as a resident band at The Hen House rehearsal studios, before bumping into the vocalist and long time friend, who was done with cover bands and wanted to write originals. The band later evolved to include a second guitar/ keyboard element from another fellow friend and musician. Thus the forming of September Sun


Muse, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Silverchair, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus, Birds of Tokyo, Radiohead, Karnivool

Shared Bills With

13 Circles, Graphic Characters, Windows to the World, Serial Killer Smile, MANTL, Dry Dry River, Triangle Fight, Valdaway, Amberdown, Arkayan, Digital Order, Ragdoll, Lunar Inverse, Bury the Heard, Nevsky Propsekt, Tired Lion, Lights of Berlin, Hyte, Needles Douglas, The MDC, Last Weeks Heroes, Opine, Short of Daybreak, This other Eden, Tashi, The Brothers duke, Devil in miss jones, LYTS, Sprawl, Casino Sunrise, Baux

Career Highlights

Playing alongside some great bands Launching our Single 'Solace' at The Amplifier Bar in November 2014.

Getting to record out debut single with Andy Lawson

Getting great feedback from local musician and Hen House owner Rob Nassif (Gyroscope)

Current Activity

The band is currently writing whilst playing on average one show per month. The aim for 2015 is to record our debut EP, and if funding permits, run a tour off the back of the release. A follow up music video is also on the cards

Shared Members With

Exile Radio Heroes and Heart Attacks

Releases by September Sun

'Solace' Single / Independent / 2014 /