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Shelby & The Neighbours

Years Active 2015-

Genre Rock, Metal, Punk

Members Julian Caddy, Adam Moore, Josh Conti

Describe Your Sound

Suburban Dad-Rock



Josh Conti


A series of impromptu jam sessions between Adam and Jules led to some rocking tunes beginning to take shape. After several weeks of writing riffs, the boys called on Josh to add some bass to the mix and the band developed from there. What began as casual Friday afternoon jams very quickly became one of the highlights of the week for all parties involved. Late last year, SATN decided to step it up a notch and share their creative output with anyone keen to listen.


Tomahawk, Future of the Left, Faith No More

Shared Bills With

The Bonekickers, Lina Sleeps & Reckless Gypsy

Career Highlights

Recording our EP. Made what we were doing real.

Current Activity

Continuing to write new tunes with an aim to record again mid-late 2016.

Shared Members With

Fractures Of, The Vitalstatistix

Releases by Shelby & The Neighbours

The Butcher