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Shotgun Wedding

Years Active 2003-2006

Genre Punk, Hardcore

Members Adzy Shotgun Josh Piper Josh Paterson Annie Todd Denzil-Williams

Describe Your Sound

Shotgun Wedding was a cross between NoFX and The Misfits with a touch of Australiana thrown in..



Adzy Shotgun


The members of Shotgun Wedding used to frequent the same piercing and tattoo parlours, and were all known by the lead singer Adzy Shotgun who introduced everyone.


Shotgun Weddings major influences were a combination of California hardcore such as NoFX and the Dead Kennedys combined with the lyrical content of the Misfits.

Shared Bills With

The New Husseins The Jacknives Evolved The Macabrettures

Career Highlights

Playing the Gravity Games after party
Numerous international and national supports

Current Activity

Broken up thankfully!

Shared Members With

Agony Burning Fiction Disease Process The Creepers Worst Possible Outcome Fill The Skies With Steel Thomas Fyshe Palmer

Releases by Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding Mini EP