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Silence to the Left

Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Indie, Rock

Members Pinna, Leigh, Paul, Kash.

Describe Your Sound

Melodic in-your-face ROCK!





...It's a sad we have to tell??? :)


Shimmergloom, Runner, Ammonia, Red Jezzabels.

Shared Bills With

Lazaro's Dog (Adelaide), Torn & Twisted (UK), Fishing With Henry (Adelaide). Just started out, but had the pleasure of playing with Shimmergloom at the Rosemount. In a previous life, supported Grinspoon, Jebediah, Regurgitator, They Might Be Giants, Area 7, Blue Line Medic, Eskimo Joe, Nancy Vandal, The Beards...potentially more but cant remember!

Career Highlights

Only played 2 gigs! Recording in Adelaide was a definite highlight.

Current Activity

Churning out more rock for the masses. We just cant stop! Mixing the 2nd track and writing more material. >

Releases by Silence to the Left

Boy Meets Girl