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Silver Hills

Years Active 2011 - 2013

Genre Indie

Members Mark McGlue - Vocals/Guitar Jimi Rose - Vocals/Guitar Rob Gross - Bass Sebastian D'Alonzo - Keys/Vocals Peter Mcavan - Drums

Describe Your Sound

The robust cosmic fusion of vintage psychedelic pop with ambient lo-fi shoe-gaze soundscapes.



We went to the same high school but it wasn't until a coincidental meeting at the Tame Impala Innerspeaker launch in 2010 that we talked about putting together a psychedelic band. We hung out at parties etc over the next couple of months and starting jamming sporadically, developing best-buddy musical chemistry and refining our chops. We started regularly gigging at the beginning of 2013.


Tame Impala, Pond, Gunns, The Silents

Shared Bills With

Red Engine Caves, Electric Toad, Hideous Sun Demon, Foam, Mt. Mountain, Misty Mountain, Spaceman Antics, Apache, Morrie Beth, New Animals, Man The Clouds, Lillium Stargazer, Lucidity

Career Highlights

Getting kudos from some of the Tame and Pond guys after supporting Electric Toad at The Corner Gallery. That place has a pretty magical energy.

Current Activity

We are hustling to record our debut EP before Mark leaves for a 3 months stint in America at the beginning of September.

Shared Members With

Our drummer Peter is one half of the dream pop jazztronica duo Etéana.

Releases by Silver Hills

We Had Our Days

P-Train Express



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