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Simone and Girlfunkle

Years Active 2008 - Present

Genre Pop, Folk, Indie

Members Present: Bridget Turner, Vaughan Davies, Sarah Tout, Heather Bex, Daniel Grant, Michael Cassells

Past (sniffles): Rob Stephens, Catherine Lock, Anthony Doherty, Mike Murphy, Tim Stacey, Gabrielle Lammers, Erin Williams, Ian Benet

Describe Your Sound

sweet then sad<br>
harmony laden



Bridget Turner


When we met in high school we knew our odd sense of humour would mean a life-long friendship and that no one else would truly understand us. We started singing in our twenties and never stopped. Once we had strong duo act we arranged our band around unique and beautiful talents and here we stand today.


The Bank Holidays
Felicity Groom
Lucy Peach
Joni Hogan

Shared Bills With

We have shared bills with Wendy Matthews, lots of famous 90s bands at In the Pines 2013 such as Beaverloop, Turnstyle, The Fergusons.

Career Highlights

When we supported Wendy Matthews and there was a cheese platter rider and a bag of grainwaves to share

Current Activity

We are saving our pennies so we can tour the east coast. We are also lounge-room jamming on new tracks for our second album.

Shared Members With

Boys Boys Boys! Split Seconds, Michael Savage Band, Little Ships, Judy Planes, Macho Men, Emperors, New Rules for Boats

Releases by Simone and Girlfunkle


Hold On

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Hurry Harry

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Simone & Girlfunkle EP



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