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Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Rock, Metal, Punk/Hardcore

Members Whimms, Wome, Smaug, Joolz

Describe Your Sound

All the thickness of Doom mixed against the tempo of Punk.

We are the strength of the leviathan with the pace of light.

We’re faster, smarter and more potent than anything you’ve ever seen or heard!

Sacrifice your ears to the cause, your body to the groove. Join us.



We formed in a crossfire hurricane Soul radiation in the dead of night


Unemployment. Cancer. Racoons. Division. Crack Cocaine.

Shared Bills With

Gay Paris, Neptune Power Federation, Front End Loader

Career Highlights

Recording our debut record with local legend, prince of percussion, hungriest beak in town Jason Where's Whally from Frenzal Rhomb!

Current Activity

We're fucken zeroing in on our enemies. We collecting our dues. We counting our fat stacks while pacing in circles from social anxiety.

Shared Members With

Cap A Capo, Hypergiant, Astrodeath

Releases by Slugpünch

Surf's Up On The Galactic Tide