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Years Active 2009 to present

Genre Rock, Pop, Indie

Members Matt Bairstow (guitar), Chris Cobilis (drums), Predrag Delibasich (guitar), Rachael Kuan (guitar), Scott Smith (drums)

Describe Your Sound

World music dying at the hands of garage rock.



Predrag Delibasich


It was a dark and stormy night. I could not sleep as I had way too much pizza for diner. Then the voice suddenly spoke to me and said: "Pex, start a new band and call it Smrts". So i did.


V Capri, Peace Love n All That Stuff, Jebediah

Shared Bills With

Shellac, My Disco

Career Highlights

Playing at the Heath Ledger Theatre and being treated like rock stars.

Current Activity

Mixing the new album

Shared Members With

Sokkol, Soviet Valves, Bamodi, Abe Sada, Good Sculptures

Releases by SMRTS

Have Friends and Visit Them at Night


Sun Sets on a New Tomorrow