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Years Active 2013 - Present

Genre Electronic, Experimental

Members Charlie Pemberton Jordan Craddock

Describe Your Sound

Not tied to any particular sound, but we like using sounds and things that would not normally be in a song or in western music. Tying natural and man made sounds together is really inspirational.



Formed in high school over a shared love for electronic music. We wanted to start experimenting and try making some of our own music, which also led us into DJing.


We have a countless number of influences, not only many artists, but just sounds we hear in daily life which is we called ourself 'SNIPPITS' after just any 'snippets' of sound you hear in the world.

Career Highlights

Playing on the Circa boat parties have been very fun and good for gaining attention.

Current Activity

In the process of making another EP at the moment.

Releases by SN!PP!TS

Changes EP


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