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Soulin’ Wild

Years Active 2012 - Present

Genre Experimental, Folk, Roots

Members Dan Gunn, Matt Bracknell, Sarah Gamble, Jake Edwards, Luke Olejnik, Owen McGinnity.

Describe Your Sound

Moulding harmonies of folk texture that ride upon roots rhythms awash with psychedelic dimensions, Soulin Wild create such an easy listening and peaceful experience, that the raw emotion and concepts that break upon the shore of the listener are embraced without even a wisp of hesitation. Balancing between a low, ancient, tribal resonance and a divine, dreamy release into space, Soulin Wild moves through uncharted experience whilst holding safe womb-like connections.

Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, with an array of percussion shapes the body of Soulin Wild’s sound. With their creative web also grasping flute, cello, trumpet, didgeridoo and ukelele, they flow through many different soundscapes, yet living at the core of the sound are their voices. At times intimate and soothing and at times growing to a full euphoric choir, their vocals create the essence of their music.



Matthew Bracknell


Playing and sharing music for over 8 years and after a tour around Australia as a duet, Dan and Matt returned with a yearning to create, refine and record their songs and ideas. Now they have surrounded themselves with gifted musical friends to share their music live.



Career Highlights

Building a studio
Creating and producing own music
Completion of debut album
Lining up album release shows

Current Activity

Refining live set and enjoying playing on stage

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Releases by Soulin’ Wild

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Melesqueanne Dream



The Darkness She is Lonely