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Years Active 2012-present

Genre Rock, Experimental, Blues

Members Broderick Madden-Scott, Jack Gaby, George Foster, Nicholas Perkins, Blake Hart, Jamie Canny (live)

Describe Your Sound

Giant psychedelic space rock with a hint of western twang.



Broderick Madden-Scott


A bunch of jam buddies were added to what started as a bedroom side-project and SpaceManAntics was born.


Almost all of the Spinning Top family, Sonpsilo Circus, Sugarpuss and almost every other Perth band we've seen.

Career Highlights

Recording our debut on an island down south.

Current Activity

Winding down after our first album, beginning the early formation of the 2nd

Shared Members With

Kashikoi, Dream Rimmy, Stunning in Red, others

Releases by Spaceman

Puraede's Parade



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