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Years Active 1994-1998

Genre Pop

Members jason topping bass vox nicola heywood vox glenn HARRY morley guitar vox steve clark drums nik wynne drums heidi couch vox baz keyboards

Describe Your Sound

punchy. no matter what we tried, it came out punchy.
but we liked punchy.



nicola and i were work mates. i was playing in special brew and wanted to move away from SKA only originals. so nic and i put an ad in the express magazine...


70's,80's,90's UK. punk, britpop,ska

Career Highlights

playing at the grosvenor when it was a proper band venue. we sucked that night, but i didnt care. we'd played at the grosvenor.

Current Activity

disbanded. although we had a reunion last year and recorded it!

Shared Members With

Special Brew. steve drums with many marching/pipe bands.

Releases by Spamm

much recording. although no releases. we did record an EP just before we disbanded. we sent a copy to rtr who have played it a few times!