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Steeve Perry

Years Active 2014-present

Genre Hip Hop, Electronic, Dance

Members Seve Pratico Gian De Poloni

Describe Your Sound

Hip-Hop/Electronic duo hailing from Perth, Australia. We rap, we sing, we record and we produce all our own music! We’re all about breaking the ‘Aussie Hip Hop’ stereotype with our relatable lyrics and engaging tracks. Party starting jams are our speciality – with a few killer samples to boot!



Seve Pratico


We're mates that just started sampling music for fun, one day we thought we could actually do something with the music we created.


Logic, Capital STEEZ, Action Bronson, Mathas

Career Highlights

Completing our first Album & Playing Scorcherfest @ the Rosemount hotel last year. We've started to gain some new followers & now seeing more and more at our shows.

Current Activity

In the process of making a complete OG EP to release around september time.

Releases by Steeve Perry

Wasting Time - 2015 - free download via soundcloud