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Stefanie Passione

Years Active 2018- Present

Genre Pop, Soul, Indie

Members Stefanie Passione

Describe Your Sound

Explores the inner conflict of her decision of taking her relationship at a slower pace and her partner wanting to speed things up.
Her use of wordplay combined with her strong vocals wrapped in a catchy beat and a blend of pop & neo-soul will surely find her listenership breaking the replay button.




Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello - vocals and upbeat pop tracks Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey - musical influence

Career Highlights

Sang Live on Channel 7’s Perth’s Telethon at 12, 14 and 16 years old.
Sang solo as a Support Act for Johnny Ruffo/ Justice Crew Concert in Perth.
City of Perth’s Christmas Nativity where I played the drummer girl for 2 years,
Sang for the Welcoming Home Ceremony for the Olympic Athletes in Perth.
Sang the Opening of the Perth Wildcats MVP Ball at Crown
Sang my original ‘Take My Hand’ at the MDNi Soiree at Crown
Sang for the meet & greet Daniel Ricciardo VIP Gala Event for the MDNi Soiree

Current Activity

Stefanie will continue to be writing, recording and releasing new music! She is currently at Edith Cowan University studying a bachelor of media and communications, majoring in broadcasting journalism. She is also rehearsing with a pianist and keen to get out there performing more.

Releases by Stefanie Passione


Put on the Brakes


Take My Hand


Drowning on Air


Just for One Night