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Steve Parkin

Years Active 1973 - Present

Genre Indie, Folk, Pop

Members Steve Parkin

Describe Your Sound

Sometimes poppy. Sometimes weird. Sometimes folky.
Singer/songwriter stuff.



Steve Parkin


I was born.


Good songs that are sung well. Cool bands with cool sounds. Singers with honesty in their voices. Somewhere around 27 years of being obsessed by music.

Shared Bills With

Silverchair, Powderfinger, Sloan, Eskimo Joe, Living End, Jebediah, Bob Evans, Josh Pyke, Turnstyle, Timothy Nelson, Red Jezebel, Tracksuit, Green Day, The Pixies, Tim Finn, Something For Kate, Darren Hanlon, Tori Amos, Beaverloop, Katy Steele, Pollyanna

Career Highlights

Current Activity

just chilling' 'aint illin' signed to Universal Publishing I co-write songs with artists like Gossling, Lewis Watson (UK) Shihad, Eskimo Joe, Jessica Mauboy, Paul Mac, Bob Evans etc. But I also write my own songs sometimes.

Releases by Steve Parkin

Steve Parkin III


Mighty Big Light (LP)


Basement Birds/Basement Birds (LP)


Sandytown (LP)


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