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Strange Folie

Years Active 2016-current

Genre Rock, Indie

Members Nick Mazzoni, Brandon Jago, Chad Musca

Describe Your Sound

A 3 piece Aussie band. Spends their time recreating the sounds of thunder and the incessant heat radiating from a starry sky. Also makes music…



Brandon Jago


Late 2015, a young guitar man moved into a house with a Ray and a Turtle where Drinks were shared by individuals collectively known as "Shindigians" on regular occasions. At a gathering of shindigians he meet a delightful man who happened to play Bass guitar. As the night grew old, drinks were shared, words engaged and wheels had began to turn... and on the eve of 2016 the 2 men, now friends on a mission with little to no exposition of meaning, meet a fine young drummer man at a familiar residents and thus began the story and songs of Strange Folie.


Mezzanine, Love Junkies, Childsaint, Emperors, Odlaw, Jacob Diamond...

Shared Bills With

Furniture, Colourbound, Harvest Rd, Ella Munro, The Disappointed

Career Highlights

Disappointedfest 2017

Current Activity

Gigging and spreading our music to the lovely Perth people

Releases by Strange Folie



Brandy Blood