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Years Active 2017 - present

Genre Metal

Members Scott (Guitar & Vocals) Adam (Drums) Zach (Guitar) Angus (Bass & Vocals)

Describe Your Sound

Post Metal/Doom



Angus Hawkes


Members of the band have been playing in various bands in Perth for a number of years. We were talking at a local gig one night and agreed that we should get together one day to jam some slower, heavier stuff. Fast forward a few months and all of our bands were inactive, so we followed through with it and ended up forming Suneater.


Mastodon, Elder, Neurosis, Sleep, Skullcave, Bolt Gun, Drowning Horse, Self Harm, Territory

Shared Bills With

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving Skullcave Yomi Ship Puck Bolt Gun XIII Population Control Dirac Sea

Career Highlights

Playing with all our mates awesome bands.

Recording with Ron Pollard is also a wonderful time.

Current Activity

Currently writing for a upcoming release. Recording over summer

Shared Members With

Gutter Oil, Crypt Crawler

Releases by Suneater




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