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Tahlia Jaye

Years Active 2010-2014

Genre Indie

Members Tahlia Beeson (vocals & guitar), Brett Walsh (drums), and Thomas Allison (bass)

Describe Your Sound

Vocals that can’t quite shake the classical training meets dirty bass lines and dry rhythms



After ten years of classical training, I came to the realisation that formally studying my music was really killing my passion for it. I decided to take a break, but didn't anticipate that I would miss music so much. Tahlia Jaye formed in an effort to have music in my life, but without the constraints and rules that exist when performing classical music.


Some huge influences include Katie Noonan, Elena Tonra (Daughter), and Kate Miller Heidke. These women all managed to use their classical training to their advantage and recreated their own sound.

Career Highlights

Birdy debuted in the Triple J Unearthed charts at #54, and stayed in the charts for six weeks.

Current Activity

I am currently working on my first EP!

Shared Members With

Brett Walsh and Thomas Allison also play for Rainy Day Women

Releases by Tahlia Jaye