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Years Active 2015 - Present

Genre Indie, Rock, Experimental

Members Nathan Mitchell

Describe Your Sound

A blend of clean melodies and attacking drives that creates a serene sound which still pays homage to its rock roots.



Nathan Mitchell


Tecumseth was formed after Nathan moved away from Perth after the frustrations of a former band and relationship breaking up. The need for expression in a big city.


Tecumseth takes influences from bands such as Explosions In The Sky to Sigur Ros and local Perth bands like Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving who's Ron Pollard mixed and mastered the album.

Career Highlights

Tecumseth is a relatively new project and are looking towards some great things.

Current Activity

After moving back to Perth Tecumseth is currently getting together a solid lineup ready to play in the Perth scene.

Releases by Tecumseth

The Moment I Found You


The Moment I Found Myself