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Tell the Shaman

Years Active 2012-Present

Genre Funk,Rock,Indie

Members Dennis Kooij, Aden Griffiths, Blake van der Leeden, Jamie Laval

Describe Your Sound

Formed in 2012, Tell The Shaman is a four piece funk-rock band residing in the suburbs of Perth, WA. Their eclectic multi-genre inspirations and abilities create a uniquely original sound, yet they have a recognizable resemblance to each individual influence. The band consistently delivers high-energy live performances, heavily bass driven grooves, catchy riffs, and aren’t ever short of clever and insightful lyrics.
The group has proven their excellence in previous local band competitions having steadily placed top 3 on five separate occasions in their existence. Featuring in local music festivals, they have received great response as a band that provides a vibrant party atmosphere.

“Home Free” was released as a much-anticipated debut single on October 2015 at The Velvet Lounge to a sold out out crowd, in lead up the bands debut EP. The track accurately depicts a driving bass-line, catchy vocal and guitar melodies, several unique influences and a solid groove throughout.

Tell The Shaman’s front man and rhythm guitarist is Dennis Kooij, who undeniably looks to Jim Morrison (The Doors) as an influence for lyrics and songwriting, as well as looking to Red Hot Chili Peppers for his melodies and guitar playing. Aden Griffiths on lead guitar has multiple metal and funk inspirations that are a large asset in songwriting and creativity within the group. Blake van der Leeden’s never ending knowledge of a huge variety of genres gives him the mojo he needs to entrance your attention with funky driven bass riffs. Jamie Laval brings tight yet simple grooves and rhythms to the table with a background in reggae and rock.





Tell the Shaman formed in 2012 while the members were studying music in Leederville, Perth. Jamie and Dennis formed the band in the first few months, finding they had similar music taste. Aden joined as a bass player but moved to lead guitar and now Blake has taken over for our previous bassist as of 2016. We've all known each other well and have formed different projects together such as Shred Factory.


Red Hot Chili Peppers

Career Highlights


Current Activity

Songwriting, we're constantly pushing ourselves to write new material. There is so much still to say and so much noise still to make!

Shared Members With

Shred Factory

Releases by Tell the Shaman

Home Free (single)


Coming of Age