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The City Views

Years Active 2015-

Genre Indie, Pop, Rock

Members Dave Wallace - Guitar/Vox Tom Goodrick - Bass Mark Eaton - Drums/Vox

Describe Your Sound

Australian, Suburban, 90’s Indie, Guitar, Dirty Jangle Pop Rock.



Dave Wallace


After the demise of the Sensitive Drunks, Dave and Sid recruited old buddy Tom on Bass. New dynamic, new songs, New band.


Smudge, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, The Lemonheads, Godstar, Verona, Bucket, The Rosemary Beads, Sonic Youth, The Leap Year,

Shared Bills With

Big Country, Smudge, The Wine Dark Sea, Axe Girl, Timothy Nelson, High Horse, The JAC, The Jangle Band, Even, Header, The Sours, Adem K,

Career Highlights

Support slot for Smudge's 20th Anniversary "Manilow" Tour.
Support Slot for Scottish band "Big Country".

Current Activity

Currently recording the 2nd EP with plans for a 10" vinyl release later this year.

Shared Members With

The Sensitive Drunks, The JAC, The Jangle Band, Aisling, Liquid Alter, Ease, The Usuals, Cubs, Sportzgirl, Bucket

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