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The Community Chest

Years Active 2010 - Present

Genre Indie, Experimental, Pop

Members Adem K, Trevor Cotton, Laurie Sinagra, Peter Yuncken, Dee Kerimofski

Describe Your Sound

The Community Chest are essentially an indie-rock band with a heavy lean on analog synths, spacious arrangements, obscure samples and Adem’s trademark catchy pop choruses and drone-rock determination.



Adem Kerimofski


Beginning as Adem's solo project, he asked Trev to back him on drums. They launched Adem's album called 'The Community Chest'. After a dozen shows they quickly assembled at team to replace their 'virtual' members. Laurie, then Pete, then Dee joined, so that by 2011 they were ready to record and play live.


The whole scene.

Career Highlights

Launching a full-length vinyl LP and supporting Sebadoh made for a pretty special 2013.

Current Activity

Recording and further writing for the next album.

Shared Members With

Turnstyle, Burgers of Beef, Blac Blocs, The Smoking Eldorados, The Burton, Cool Suit, When The Sky Fell, Emperors, Showbag, 6s & 7s, The Autumn, Isles and The Jayco Brothers.

Releases by The Community Chest

Top of The Hour

Gun Fever


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