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The Crusherz

Years Active 2008 - 2014

Genre Rock, Blues

Members "Rockin" Pete Roberts - Guitar "Bassin'" Jason Maxlow - Bass/Vocals Sean "Harro" Harris - Drums/Vocals

Describe Your Sound

We play original desert rock/blues, born from the arid red dust of Telfer where we met and formed 6 years ago, and still work.



Sean Harris


We all met at Telfer Gold Mine where we all still work, started jamming with shitty old equipment, got better and the company funded some decent gear and set us up a rehearsal space. It all flowed on from there.


Many and varied. Pete is a massive Status Quo fan. Jason loves blues and alternative stuff like Tool, QOTSA. I love old school rock, Muse and Foofighters nowadays.

Career Highlights

We've not gigged a great deal as we are only in Perth once every six weeks together. We've done 5 NYE at Telfer and gigged at the 2 Rocks Tavern, Mount Helena Tavern and Chidlow Tavern. We have another gig at 2 Rocks in July.

Current Activity

We are finishing recording our first CD of all original material.

Releases by The Crusherz

Single - "42 Degrees In The Shade"

Self funded and produced on the Crusherz Inc label