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The Devil Rides Out

Years Active 2006 - Present

Genre Rock

Members Andrew Ewing - Guitar 2006-present Joey K - Vocals 2006-present Royce Uyen - drums 2006-present Scott Paterson - bass 2011-present Brendan Ewing - bass 2008-2011 Ben Franz - bass 2006-2008

Describe Your Sound

Rock and metal meet by the banks of a sludgey swamp. They fall in love and for a while everything is wonderful. But then one day doom descends – rock walks out on metal without warning. Metal gets the blues and drinks himself to death. The end.



Joey K


Andrew, Joey and Royce knew each other through playing shows together in their previous bands Thumb, iNFeCTeD and Downer. They remained friends after those bands folded and years later The Devil was born.


We have supported Clutch (USA), Monster Magnet (USA), Mondo Generator (USA), Fu Manchu (USA), Truckfighters (Sweden), Winnebago Deal (UK), Shihad (NZ), Black Cobra (USA), Dead Meadow (USA), Pink Mounatintops (Canada) and Cough (USA).

Career Highlights

Releasing our debut full length album and touring it nationally. Playing the Devil's Kitchen Festival at Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane. Playing alongside and hanging out with Nick Oliveri - Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age being two of our favourite bands and biggest influences. Same with Clutch - always a big thrill to share the stage with artists we respect.

Current Activity

About to release our new EP 'Ugly Creatures' and looking for a new drummer as Royce is departing the band after the launch in June.

Shared Members With

iNFeCTeD, Dumptruck / Downer, Thumb, Non-Intentional Lifeform, Centre of Gravity, Headshot, Dekannen, Soma, Benedict Moleta, Kaan

Releases by The Devil Rides Out

Volume I EP


Volume II EP


Volume III EP


The Heart & The Crown LP


Ugly Creatures EP


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