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The Dirge

Years Active 2013 - 2015

Genre Rock,Punk/Hardcore,Indie

Members Rhys Watson - Vocals Dan Lewis - Guitars Rob Concannon - Guitars Kayle the Almighty - Bass Matt G - Drums

Describe Your Sound

No frills, no fronts, no bullshit souped up rock n roll. If Motorhead met Eddy Current Suppression Ring and old school Kings of Leon in an old school Aussie pub…on a 3 day bender…it’d be somewhere near the sound of Australia’s The Dirge. All that matters is what kicks your ass & stirs your soul as it spills from the speakers.  For your dirty attitude & your dirtier life, this is THE DIRGE…This IS Rock & Roll !!!



Dirty Music,Matt Giovinazzo


Through convenience and preservation; A will to raise a BIG middle finger through positive artful and musical expression... And ROCK the HELL out!! With Satan riding shotgun ... Jesus don't seem to be on the dash no more...He's on some other bandwagon already...billed as "All New"'s all been done...but so has lamb roast, cheap beer and good times!! do you do it is what counts!! - Routine afternoon rituals of beer, guitar and working world escapism saw Dan & Rob soon end up again with a swag of songs that they got oldtime - (and for a longtime unseen) bandpal Matt to drum on, and as the ball rolled more, the tunes rocked even more...then Rhys came and sang .....and they had well over an albums worth of material - So...for mere documentation (initially) and personal reference - studio time was things progressed, with minimal fuss - maximum vibe & attitude was captured & instantly recognized as too good to let lie too silent ...for too Kayle filled out the rhythm section very fittingly (while reuniting several 6112 society infiltrations - unnoticed! it would seem for now!).... and so the world turns.... Shut up and Rock n Roll!!


Whatever turns ya on, whatever gets ya off, whatever makes ur miserable existence a memorable exception; an honest example in a dishonest disillusion...Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law...Now....theres an influence! Uncontrolled ingestion of banned/controlled substances.

Shared Bills With

Minds Eye, Intensely Mellow, Astronaut, The B Movie Heroes, Hypercentre, Stonebleeder, Dirtwater Bloom,

Career Highlights

Debut release,Final mixing of P.C.P. and Eye In Fist and their seemingly parallels apart...but not...
Kayles inclusion on bass.. The man should be watched by an authority of some faction! He is definitely lethal in possession of a bass guitar.

Current Activity

Planning further recording for follow up release -single/E.P.Website development and launch

Releases by The Dirge

The Dirge Self Titled CD Album