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The Disintegrates

Years Active 2011 - Present

Genre Rock, Punk/Hardcore, Indie

Members Paul (Ringo) Gill, Mark Walker, Mike Erceg, Craig Tobin, Beau Walker

Describe Your Sound

We play underground rock with influences ranging from Black Flag and Husker Du to The Beatles and Hawkwind.



After a hiatus of 15 years, Mike Erceg wrote Ringo a letter asking to play with him as he was a fan of Greenhouse Effect and Monroes Fur.


Scientists, Greenhouse Effect, Lavender Disaster.

Shared Bills With

Mudhoney, The New Invincibles, The Jephasuns, Datura, The Floors, The Wishers, Pain Killers, Helta Skelta, Mutants of Desire, Steve Tallis, Vida Cain.

Career Highlights

Recording with the fabulous Rhys Catlin, opening for Mudhoney and making our first video.

Current Activity

Just completed a video clip and are waiting for our CD to be printed and released. We have also just changed drummers from Mike Erceg to Beau Walker.

Shared Members With

Greenhouse Effect, Mudhoney, Lubricated Goat, The New Invincibles, Guy Maddison, Peter Hartley, Renestair EJ, Paul Kidney, John Murphy, Louis Burdett, Tex Perkin, Mark Arm, The Homicides, Monroes Fur, Butcher Shop, Kryptonics, Salty Dog.

Releases by The Disintegrates

Commercial versions coming soon!