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The Doozers

Years Active 2004-2008

Genre Rock

Members Andrew Carruthers - Drums, Vocals, David Coultas - Guitar, Shannon Martin - Bass, Dale Fickling - Guitar, Alphonse Ra Da Costa - Vocals and Hot Dance Moves, Anna Hermanniusson - Vocals and Hot Dance Moves, Steve Brown - Vocals and Hot Dance Moves, Rohan Martin - Vocals and Hot Dance Moves, Peter M. - Guitar, Dean McIntyre - Bass, Janine Hunt - Guitar

Describe Your Sound

Drunk rawk. Idiots playing instruments they don’t know how to play. Then shouting a lot.



Andrew Carruthers


A group of high school friends who broke out the guitar while drunk one too many times, and decided it'd be a good idea to play at the National Campus Band Comp using the stupid songs they'd play while inebriated (the band comp was chosen for it's lack of filtering process). After that gig got a strangely positive reaction (playing at a uni tavern with lots of free flowing booze helped) we became a bit addicted. So for 4 years we kept acting the fools.


Burgers of Beef. Bad local bands that made us think we may as well have a go at it ourselves, because we couldn't be any worse (we were probably wrong about that though).

Shared Bills With

The Brow Horn Orchestra, Burgers of Beef, The Gizzards

Career Highlights

The great crowd reaction at the first show at National Campus Band Comp Curtin.
Launching our EP at the Rocket Room with facepainting.
Dale falling into Andrew's drumkit halfway through a song.
Andrew singing the opening bass line to a song on stage because Shannon had forgotten how the song goes.
Playing at friends' parties.

Current Activity

Some of us still play music. We're all still friends. Most of us are still in Perth. There is talk of a reunion show but nothing is confirmed (as of July 2013).

Shared Members With

Trees Without Knees, Cape Town Lullaby, Hootenanny

Releases by The Doozers

Self Titled