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The Gypsie Howls

Years Active 2009 - present

Genre Rock, Pop, Funk

Members Kirsty Hulka (current - Vocals, Keys & Synth) Ben Mauri (current - Guitar & Vocals) Ellenor Periera (current - Bass) Jason Ogg (current - drums) Gareth Calvert (past - drums) David Willis (past - Trumpet) Jonathan Britten (Past - Trombone) Michael Savage (Past - Bass)

Describe Your Sound

It’s a somewhat funky rock, with epic guitar riffs, groovy keyboards and synths, quirky drum beats, rad bass lines and ‘knock you off your chair’ female and male vocals. Kind of like what old school Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Mothers Milk album) would have sounded like with Janis Joplin and Trent Reznor fronting the band.



Kirsty Hulka


Kirsty met Ben through mutual friends and blended from there. They then met Gareth (previous drummer) through another friend and David (previous trumpet player) while Kirsty was studying music at UWA. Then they met Michael Savage (previous bass player) through friends in Louis and the Honky Tonk and the new members Jason Ogg - was met through John Brown, and Ellenor Periera through a member of local band Bears and Dolls


Rachel and Henry Climb a Hill, Rainy Day Women, Dilip n the Davs, The Brow Horn Orchestra, The Prevues, Lucy Peach, Accumulates Gestures plus so many more.

Career Highlights

Playing at Fairbridge Festival (2011)to hundreds and hundreds of dancing people, then at Nannup festival (2012) on the main stage then in the town hall at the festival with people squashed in like pickles in a jar to try and see us. Our sold out EP launch at Mojos (2011).

Current Activity

After our drummer left last year (2012) we decided to take bit of break and regroup while we searched for someone new. Now that we've found Jason Ogg we've dropped the brass section from the band and added more synth sounds to try and simplify the sound a little more rather than fill it up with lines. We're booked into doing some recording at Crank studio in July (2013) to bust out another single and take over the world.

Shared Members With

Kirsty Hulka - The Prevues, World a Fuzzy, The Super Sweet Mystery Ska Band, Pimps of Sound (fill in) Michael Savage - Louis and the Honky Tonk, The Morning Night, The Espys Jonathan Britten - Dilip n the Davs, The Super Sweet Mystery Ska Band, Ngati, House of Shem,

Releases by The Gypsie Howls

Junk Rock Fluke EP