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The Jackson Roses

Years Active 2015-

Genre Folk, Indie, Country

Members Brandon Davids, Mark McEwen, Andy Bartlett, Rob Viney, Wayne Hodges

Describe Your Sound

Alt-Country, Folk, Rock



Brandon Davids


Brandon constantly begging a bunch of mates who were much better at music-ing than him to please play his songs with him. Eventually they relented, Brandon offered many rewards of which he is yet to deliver.


70's & 80's era bands, the 'Eagles', 'Bruce Springsteen' & 'Manfred Mann', along with Brit pop rockers 'Doves', & 'Mumford and Sons', through to Aussies, 'Dan Parsons' and 'Holy Holy'.

Shared Bills With

TBC, Little Lord St Band, Kurt Carrera, 13 circles, Ralway Bell, Patient Little Sister, Delilah Rose and the Gunslingers, Pete Byfield, The Siren Tower, Timothy Nelson and the Infidels, Jonathon Brain, Conscious Dreamers, The Honourable Schoolboys, Steve Hensby, Marley Wynn

Career Highlights

Managing to get everyone in the same place at the same time constantly for various engagements (rehearsals, gigs, recording sessions). This is more difficult than expected!

Current Activity

The band has just completed tracking for their premier release, currently in mixing with Mark McEwen at Underground Studio. Presently rehearsing, and working!

Shared Members With

The Siren Tower, Autumn Isles, TBC, The Disappointed, Mantl, The Super Dextas

Releases by The Jackson Roses

E.P- Forthcoming