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The KatZ

Years Active 2008 - Present

Genre Pop, Country, Blues

Members Neil Brown (Geetah/Vocals) Peter Bartlett (Geetah/Vocals) Unca Stu South (Bass, Geetah/Vocals) Dave 'Slippery Styx' Voysey (Drums/Vocals)

Describe Your Sound

We do our own material as well as covers. Our sound, Pop/Country Rock & blues just about covers it.



The Katz are the remaining members of Eddie & The Grey Kats formed back in 2008 as a result of Kosmic sounds 'Weekend Warriors'. This consisted of Eddie Collins on Lead Vocals, Graham Dwyer on Lead geetah as well as us guys listed above. We were & all are (except for Dave) past experienced Muso's from bands in the early 80's. Who just so happened to decide to have another "crack at it" via Weekend Warriors. We all seemed to jell & have formed good friendships over the years. This is evident I feel when we do gigs - being really comfortable with each other on & off stage. Dave is new to playing music - A late Bloomer - but he has a great passion & has picked up playing drums pretty darn well. Eddie went back to Texas USA in 2011 & Graham went New Zealand in 2012. Name changed to "The Katz" & us remaining 4 are still going strong...:)


All of us have a varied taste in music. But we all have a common taste in Pop/Rock 'n' Roll. And of course Original Music.

Shared Bills With

Renegade (Formerly The Magnificent Seven). Peter Busher & The Lone Rangers

Career Highlights

1. Would have to be 2nd last gig with Eddie & Graham at The Outhouse Tavern, Wooroloo. Packed House.
2. Gorgons Got Talent show 2010 - Everyone there thought we were the half time entertainment.

Current Activity

The Katz are still together jamming & doing shows occasionally in between our full time jobs. We have talked about doing an EP as Neil has a pretty darn good Studio. But Neil & I (Unca Stu) both submitted 2 tunes in the 2011 WAM song of the year comp - good fun.